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Indeed a clean home is a happy home, but are you eager to clean, especially after a busy day at the office? Yes, you are, because The Cleaners London will do the cleaning for you, now offering cleaning services in London to suit your needs and budget.

“Housework can’t kill you, but why take a chance?” - Phyllis Diller

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Those London Cleaning Services that bring Joy to your Home

What do you prefer - the security and dependability of the regular domestic cleaning service or perhaps a one-time domestic cleaning aiming at lasting results?

Regular domestic cleaning services in London


Arrange regular visitations by The Cleaners London to maintain your home in pristine condition. Whether the domestic cleaning service will be performed daily, weekly, fortnightly or monthly is in accordance with your needs and desires.

Your personal maid will:                                                                                        

  • vacuum and mop the floors;
  • set out to do the laundry;                                                                                  
  • change the bedding;                                                                                         
  • dust all furniture;                                                                                             
  • wash the dishes and more;                                                                                

Upon request, the cleaner can also:

  • keep your wardrobe nice and neat;
  • water your beloved plants;
  • take good care of your amiable pet;
  • polish all silverware, etc.

Detergents and equipment are not included in the regular domestic cleaning service – we will use what is currently available in your home.

Be assured that in the off chance your maid decides to leave or falls ill, we will immediately provide you with a reliable replacement.

One-off cleaning services in London


This cleaning service is performed only once, but will deliver long-lasting results. We will hand you a personal cleaning checklist where you can focus on those rooms or possessions that you think need the most attention. After a thorough inspection, the deep cleaning experts will tick as many items on your list as possible for the time booked.

For example, the cleaners can:

  • polish all surfaces;                                                                                          
  • degrease your kitchen appliances;                                                                      
  • remove fingerprints from doors;                                                                        
  • hoover carpets;   
  • mop floors;     
  • rinse windows internally and externally; 
  • de-scale sinks;
  • disinfect the bathroom.

If time allows it, wall cleaning, dish washing, or ironing can also be done at no extra cost.

The cleaners will bring their own eco-friendly products and equipment.

The Benefits of having The Cleaners London on Board


  • The Cleaners London specializes in the proper treatment of both commercial and domestic premises and we manage to successfully clean over 4,000 properties per week.
  • We hold a comprehensive Public & Employers Liability insurance to ensure that each and every cleaning service will go as smooth as butter.
  • You can make your house cleaning appointment for any day of the week – workdays, weekends, and bank holidays;
  • Contact our 24/7 customer support team to manage your bookings, learn more about our services, and receive a non-obligation, free price quote;
  • Need results as soon as possible? We offer a convenient same-day service, as well as key pick-up and delivery for when you're not at home;
  • Save by opting for services that are not affected by hidden fees, obligatory upfront deposits, or dodgy minimum contracts.

Best Cleaning Services Quality Control by The Cleaners London

It's understandable to feel a bit nervous when you know that a perfect stranger is about to enter your home. Rest assured – all London cleaners are thoroughly vetted, certified, and possess the needed documents to legally work in the UK. In addition, the experts have undergone special training and know their detergents and equipment inside out, reducing the risk of property damage to a minimum. A Quality Control Supervisor regularly checks on each team to ensure that you will get the results you were promised. 


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